The In School Mentoring Program!

Become a role model with BBBS In-School Mentoring Program!

Provide children and youth in elementary school with a friend to talk with and share the experiences of growing up!

About the Program

The In School Mentoring Program provides children and youth in a Saskatoon and Area Elementary school with a role model, a friend to talk with and someone to share the experiences of growing up.

For one hour, once a week, during the duration of the school year, Mentors (Volunteers) meet with their Mentee (the child/youth) and engage in activities to help build their Mentee’s self-esteem. Matches (a Mentee + a Mentor) do not meet outside of school, over the summer break or during school holidays.

What our Mentors and Mentees are Saying

“During these uncertain times, where our whole lives have been turned upside-down, I was appreciative of the fact that I could maintain a sense of normalcy and connect with my mentee. I liked that we could chat virtually face to face and check in with each other over the summer. Overall, I thought that it went well and that during our 30 minute conversation we could share stories and continue to get to know one another. – Molly


“My favourite thing about seeing Molly on Facetime was that we still got to catch up, but I like seeing her in person better! Every virtual visit with her was my favourite! Virtual mentoring was different because we didn’t get to hug, but I still liked talking to her. It was different, but not bad, and we made the best of it! It was important that I stayed connected to her because she helps me talk to other people more. And I would miss her if I didn’t get to talk to her.” – Lailanie

“Having a mentor makes
feel like I can be myself.”

–Grade 7 Student

“Mentor day is
the BEST

–Grade 4 Student

“Providing our students with a mentor is one of the most impactful things we can do.”

–Gail Hendry, Aboriginal Student Achievement Coordinator

How Does the In School Mentoring Program Work?

Read the infographic below to find out more!