BBBS Saskatoon celebrates 2022 Volunteer Appreciation Week! 

At BBBS, our programs are fueled by our Volunteers. We are so proud and grateful for all of them. Annually, we recognize volunteers in five categories; ISM Mentor of the Year, Match of the Year, Youth of the Year, YIC/Circle Volunteer of the Year, and Match of the Year. Nominees and award winners are chosen for their outstanding dedication and continued commitment of time and effort to BBBS Saskatoon! Award winners are presented with a category certificate and a thank you gift from our team.  

During our appreciation week we’ve had the pleasure of highlighting our recipients across our social media! Featured below is each category winner, why they were chosen and a quote regarding the impact of mentorship.  

Congratulations to our 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award winners!

In School Mentor of the Year 

Joyce has been a dedicated mentor to her match for six years. She continually goes above and beyond for her mentee. Her kindness is noticed by everyone she comes in to contact with. Her mentee gives their match is a 10/10 and describes Joyce as a ‘good person’ and ‘my favourite thing about Wednesdays’!  

What mentorship means to Joyce: 

“Our church challenged us to take the church outside the church. So that’s how I became a mentor. One hour a week- in a school year. My mentee was this cute little girl, when we first met and she has turned into a beautiful almost teenager. Through the six years I have watched her grow into a more confident, and strong person. She will make a difference in this world and I’m so glad I have been a part of her life. I would like to Challenge all of you to take one hour a week in a school year and become a mentor…. And see who God will bless you with as much as my mentee has blessed me.” 


Match of the Year 

Kailee (Big) and Lily (Little)They were chosen to be the Match of the Year. They were first matched in the Big Sisters program in 2015 and transitioned to a Graduated match in 2021. They have been a fantastic pair to work with and a great source of support for one another over the course of their match. Kailee has been completely invested in Lily and has been there for her through her teen years growing up and through her time moving towards independence where she is schooling and living outside of the family home.  

Being a mentor for Kailee: 

“Being a mentor has been an incredible experience for me. I got to watch a young girl grow up into an amazing young woman. I got to help shape her dreams and goals and help her through some difficult times in her life. And now I have a sister for life and she will always have me. I thank BBBS for this opportunity to spread love and kindness to a child who needed it the most.”   


Youth of the Year  

Grace Noel has been chosen for this year’s Youth of the Year. Grace has been with BBBS since 2011. She was first matched in the Big Sisters program. She is now actively participating in our older youth group programming and has also recently been matched with a new Big Sister. Grace was chosen as Youth of the Year because not only has she been with BBBS for more than 10 years, but she’s also been a youth who’s always been willing to be involved in the many activities and opportunities that arise from our programs. She’s currently in our Big Possibilities program where she participates in virtual sessions and workshops that aim to explore educational engagement and career readiness with youth. Her outings with her mentor include touring the university as part of her interest in learning more about educational options for her. Grace recently graduated high school and it’s been such a pleasure to see her grow, learn, and build connections as she begins a new chapter in her life! It’s also been a great delight to hear about all the great times that she’s been having with her Big Sister!  

What Grace says about her Big Sister: 

“I guess for me, I’ll say. Having my mentor Pirita, has taught me to be responsible, be open with one another, have trust and getting to know her more and more is exciting. We both have our positive ways of brightening each other’s days up with a compliment. Being her little sister at BBBS has been the best experience for me having someone to hang out with every week is the highlight, getting compliments from her always makes me smile. She has helped me understand difficult things in life a little more, we share similar things and dreams and goals. She is always there for me and willing to help out in anyway she can, she always reminds me at the end of our hangout if you need to talk to someone I’m here, doesn’t matter what topic or what’s on my mind she’s there. Couldn’t ask for a better big sister than Pirita.”  


Circle Volunteer of the Year  

Morgan is our Circle Volunteer of the Year! She had been matched with her mentee, Rowan, since 2019. Morgan has been an amazing mentor to Rowan. She continues to be a caring friend and constant support to her Little in their match. The outings they go on have been fun and meaningful for both of them. Morgan always goes above and beyond in engaging with Rowan and helping them step out of their comfort zone and learn new things. Rowan always tells me how grateful they are for Morgan and how much they love her energy! Even though they have different personalities and interests, Morgan always strives to learn about them as a way to connect with Rowan.  

Morgan & her match:  

“Having Rowan grow alongside me these last few years has been one of the most rewarding scenarios that I would’ve never gotten into without BBBS. Mentoring allows me to be who I needed when I was younger, and having a mentee has given me friendship and inspiration to pursue my own big dreams alongside them.”  


Volunteer of the Year 

Noel has been chosen for this year’s Volunteer of the Year.  Noel has been matched with their mentee for 7 years. Over this time his mentee went through many transitions- Noel remained patient, kind, understanding, and consistent for the entire time they were matched.  Noel intends on continuing his relationship with his mentee indefinitely. They have recently graduated their match!  

Mentorship means to Noel:  

“When I first starting thinking about becoming a mentor, I did so because I realized as someone blessed with great role models and a great childhood, I had time and energy to give to try to give that same thing to another young person who may be missing that in their life. What I didn’t realize 8 years ago was how much I would gain from that investment of time and energy. Being my mentee’s Big Brother has been one of the defining experiences of my life. I’ll be forever grateful for the laughter, adventure, and meaningful friendships that I’ve gained from being a Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.”