BBBS is important to 7shifts, because it is important to our people. We have multiple employees who currently volunteer with the BBBS program. Their enthusiasm and generosity inspired us to become a part of this amazing organization in a more impactful way. We are extremely proud of our “Bigs” and we’ve seen how much their “Littles” appreciate their time together, first hand.

As a company, we always try to make a conscious effort to give back to all communities, especially the ones that matter most to our teams. We encourage all employees to get involved as much as possible by offering a paid volunteer day to support an organization of their choice. We are always eager to provide additional support whenever possible.

7Shifts Believes in the Importance of Giving and Volunteering

Here’s WHY You Should!

Kelly & her Little

Kelly & her Little

Kelly & her Little

Emily’s Little

Emily’s Little

I chose to become a Big Sister to have fun while providing mentorship to a youth in the community. We’ve experienced a lot together over the years and I wouldn’t change it for anything! – Kelly, Big


I chose to become a big because I wanted to learn from someone new and have fun hanging out with a little. Never did I imagine how much Brooklyn would mean to my life. – Emily, Big


Brooke and I believe communities are key for personal growth. We wanted to contribute, learn new experiences, and share our experiences growing up with someone new. Johannes, Big

7Shifts Supports BBBS Saskatoon in Many Different Ways

 7shifts main focus is restaurant scheduling, so it’s only natural that the BBBS Poutine Week is one of our favourite events! We are always down to support our client industry, especially when it supports an amazing cause AND involves eating delicious food! This year was a bit different, but we still enjoyed every last drop of that delicious gravy from Congress! ????

We encourage you to #ThinkBIGThisChristmas and watch your impact double
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