You’re on mute – that’ll be $1! #MuteJarChallenge



You’re on mute – that’ll be $1! #MuteJarChallenge

Saskatoon, SK – Video calls. Many of us take part in them for hours every day, at work as well as in social settings, and have been for the last 11 (going on 12) months. You know the pattern: key moment, someone is about to contribute and when their mouth starts moving… nothing. No sound – they’re on mute! Everyone else frantically motions to try to get them to stop talking and fix the problem…. possibly some laughter ensues. “Sorry about that, I was on mute.”


That’s why Alex Fallon has come up with the Mute Jar Challenge.


Ever heard of a swear jar? It’s like that, but with a GREAT cause behind it. Every time you’re on a call with someone who starts talking on mute, write it down. At the end of the week, donate a dollar for each time to your favourite charity. And while you’re at it, tell your friends.


“I’ve started the #MuteJarChallenge with my team at SREDA to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area (BBBSS) because they do amazing work for kids just like me.” – Alex Fallon


Settling up your Mute Jar is easy. Just send an e-transfer to or visit for more information/make a donation.


On your next video call, why not make on-mute moments more meaningful? Take on the #MuteJarChallenge!