Happy “I AM A MENTOR” Day



“I have a Big Sister for almost 25 years. The opportunity to be a mentor in a young persons life has been life changing for me. I have been witness to the maturing of an amazing woman. Helen has many talents and skills but what I am most proud of is her dedication to mentor young Indigenous girls and boys. She constantly looks for opportunities to give back to the community and youth. I know people believe I gave more than I received in our relationship but the opposite is true. I am the woman/friend/grandmother and community volunteer because of my role with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area and my match with Helen Oro. Please google my daughter to see what the results show when a child is given a chance to be mentored!” – Penny Babbings, Big Sister

“I am now 52 years old and grew up in foster care . I was a permanent ward of court at age 8 . I was very closed off to people and ran away a lot always scared to get close to others .after couple years in care I received a Big Sister. I remember that it was nice to have a young adult take me out and treat me like I mattered. My life had many ups and downs and I lost contact with my Big Sister and one day I was in hospital in a coma because I tried to self harm anyways she was nurse on call that night and has been in my life since. I honestly can say I don’t know anyone I admire as much as my Big Sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area.” – Lisa, Little Sister

“I’ve been a mentor in the Circle Program for 3 years and what a ride it’s been. The idea behind becoming a mentor was always appealing but it far exceeded my expectations. It’s changed my outlook and perspective immensely. It’s given me the opportunity to show my little things I wished I had known and learnt at that age. It’s given me the opportunity to give back to society. Through volunteering and community engagement my little and I have made an impact and i hope I’ve taught him that even the small guys can make a big impact.” – Devin, Volunteer

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area is currently looking for volunteers who have LIVED EXPERIENCE. Have you been through a couple of highs and lows in the past but are now a stable citizen? Do you have a minimum of an hour of time to give to a youth/child in need?