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The In School Mentoring program provides children and youth in elementary school with a role model, a friend to talk with and someone to share the experiences of growing up.

For one hour, once a week, during the duration of the school year, Scott and Ethan meet together. They engage in activities to help build Ethan’s self-esteem. They do not meet outside of school, over the summer break or during school holidays.

The worldwide proclaimed COVID-19 pandemic forced a critical response from Big Brothers Big Sisters’ staff and volunteers in regards to limitation of the schools that engage in our In School Mentoring program.

Mentors, like Scott, and Mentees, like Ethan, now participate in virtual mentoring to ensure they are still able to connect. This response ensures we deliver a safe, secure, private, and supported environment for mentors and mentees to meet over the web.

Your company can be like Bit Service and support our In School Mentoring program too! Click here to send us an e-mail inquiring about how you can get involved.

We at Bit Service have seen firsthand the positive results that the In School mentorship program has at the core level. Helping to reinforce a positive link for the mentee to the educational process, while at the same time establishing a long term connection between a mentor and mentee is invaluable. This is a chance to help make a lifelong positive shift in the future of the members of our next generations.

Scott Bahr, President and CEO

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