Covid-19’s Impact on BBBS



Dear Big Brothers Big Sisters supporters,

The World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic has changed our community. Which has led to the necessary closure of many facilities where people form and grow their relationships, including places and spaces that deliver critical programs to youth in need. But now, more than ever, children and families are facing increased anxiety, stress, fear, and worry. Mental health challenges do not stop when a pandemic begins. Our organization’s commitment to these young people and the service we provide is being challenged. Big Brother Big Sisters is committed to maintaining and supporting the vital mentoring relationships we create to fight the social isolation of our most vulnerable youth.

We are being hit hard by COVID-19. Our revenue sources, which are critical to us providing our services, are disappearing. March has been typically a crucial month for our signature fundraising events, one being our largest fundraiser of the year, Local Celebrity Bartender Challenge. The financial implications of not being able to host these events will impact our ability to provide support for 160 matches this year. Matches are youth in the community paired with volunteer mentors; they spend a little bit of time together once a week. Mentoring has long-lasting effects on youth that benefit them and the community greatly in the future. Social isolation is an Adverse Child Effect; mentoring helps to combat this as 1 in 5 children report one or zero strong relationships in their lives. 

Working together to help children and youth reach their full potential is at the heart of our organization, but with limited financial resources coming in, we cannot provide support to our youth and their families.

Our goals as an organization are to help youth in the community find stability, better their mental health, and develop confidence and resilience to navigate through life’s toughest challenges.

We at Big Brothers Big Sisters realize the emotional and financial hardships that our community is facing. But we also know that is community always comes together when we need them. If you can help our organization at this time, I ask you to consider donating today.

We need you now more than ever!

We wish you and your family good health.

Warmest regards,

Kim Megyesi

Executive Director