“It’s more than just a friendship.”

Over time, Levi has been steadily slowly changing. He is growing up & it is showing.

When we are on our way to an activity, our drives typically include conversations about school and things going on in his life. In the beginning, it took him a while to open up to a state where we could have a full conversation. Now, he is the talkative one and begins a majority of our topics. Every trip now includes a new update about a series of books he is reading with a complete analysis of characters. His passions are driving our talks & it is astonishing to see!

One memorable moment that sparkles in my life is the day I remember feeling something I will never forget.

My Little, Levi, loves to play soccer so, I committed that I would watch him play every game. He’s always been a defensemen, at the back of the field… quiet and cautious. He is loyal to his team and he doesn’t want his team to get scored on. Though it’s nice to have a protector, I told him and his coach to take a moment and go for it if you have the opportunity. You could see him little by little, trying to make it happen. One day, he broke through, got a lucky bounce, and SCORED!

I remember losing my mind, jumping up and down and screaming! It was a cool moment for me as this was the moment I really noticed how much he has grown over the summer. Now, we play in the backyard and try and score on each other. Over time, his confidence has taken over and it is getting harder to keep up with him. He keeps getting faster and I keep getting slower… HA! It’s been really fun to watch him blossom into a well-grown soccer player and I feel I helped by taking him to the games, continuously giving hints, not trying to be an expert BUT encouraging listening to his coach.

It is a moment that will last forever with me.

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