#MySparkleMoment for Big Sister, Shelby



One moment that stands out for both Azzira (My Little) and I is the first day we got to hang out together!

We went to the library to play games and read books before going to Mars Mini Golf, only it was pouring rain so, we decided to wait until the rain stopped to leave the library. Yet, ‘til this day, we don’t know if the rain actually stopped. We were having too much fun getting to know each other that we forgot all about the rain or leaving!

The sense of joy that Azzira finds in everyday things is so heartwarming. Whether we’re water sliding, making crafts, or just going for a walk, she’s always so thrilled. Something simple that’s easy to take for granted brings her an immense amount of happiness – which is such an infectious and compelling trait to have. Through her, I’ve realized that sometimes all you need to make your day a little brighter is just your imagination and a little spontaneity ????

I strive to always make Azzira feel special on our weekly hangouts by offering her support, positivity, and fun. By encouraging her to take the lead on coming up with ideas for our hangouts and following through with it each week brings out her excitement.

The fact that she’ll memorize a letter I’ve sent her or tell me how when she has kids someday, she wants me to be their big sister (haha!) makes me feel so thankful for our relationship, and am excited to watch it grow for years to come!

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